​Coming Soon in Honolulu Hawaii

The Restaurant to offer authentic Japanese cuisine made using good quality ingredients sourced locally from the Hawaiian islands.

​This lifestyle Hawaii also has from its early days:
Local consumption of local products – Eat Local
We honestly create Japanese cuisine reflecting such spirit.
Under the common concept of Japan and Hawaii to savor the local food,
we offer you the Japanese delicacy made with rich local ingredients.




​Here in Waikiki. Steps from the crowded main street to Ala Wai Canal on Seaside Ave. This building quietly standing in the area is the low-rise wooden apartment building that was quite rare in Hawaii when it was constructed in 1939.
Having served as the home of numerous businesses afterward, it has been observing the colorful history of the town of Waikiki over a long time.
It was the blessing that we could discover this building. We preserve the look and the flavor of the structure that a new construction cannot have and restored/renovated carefully.

Stepping into the first floor entrance, you will be greeted by the sake bar made with lots of warm-toned wood. Ahead of the bar, you will find the open kitchen with a dining counter with the ambience of cozy Japanese dining bar. Then, tables await diners at the spacious courtyard terrace and the dining space in the back.

Not strictly Japanese, Western nor in any particular style.
We have created the friendly space everyone can enjoy over good food and sake.


​Creating Japanese cuisine with the local Hawaiian ingredients

​A large variety of appetizers made with fresh vegetables. Juicy Japanese omelet made from local eggs. Seafood dishes featuring abalone, great amberjack, Kahuku Shrimps from Kona and many more. From sushi, deep-fried skewered delicacies and nabe hot pot to soba noodles to wrap up your meal, we serve great foods to make the best out of local ingredients.



Japanese Restaurant / Sake Bar
413 Seaside Ave 1F, Honolulu Google Map
Call 808-921-0888

Coming Soon
Open in summer 2017


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